All you need to know:

Karolinelund, 9000, Aalborg, Denmark

20th of June, 2020

5/10 km:
Adults: 195/225 kr
Children (12-18): 75/100 kr
Children (under 12): free

(The ticket includes T-Shirt)

+45 50252779

About the event

Tobias Bøgeskov & Natasja Madsen

“Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act ”


Diversity is what binds us together. We all have in common the fact that each one of us is different. Therefore, Himmerland Golf, in collaboration with First Hotel Aalborg, LGBT + North Jutland and City Council member Tobias Bøkkesov, has created a Diversity Race, which takes place on 20 June 2020 . Our mission is to unite Northern Jutland and show that diversity, solidarity, integrity and harmony are part of our DNA.

Everyone can participate and we look forward to gathering no matter of gender, sexuality, faiths, ages and nationalities. After the race everyone is invited in the Karolinelunds park, where we have prepared a wide variety of sports activities, food and lots of fun.

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Sign up and be a part of “Mangfoldighedsløbet” 2020
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